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Bansal Hospital, Bhopal, is a 300 bedded Super Specialty Hospital is born of a dream. A dream that the people of Bhopal and Central India get the best healthcare at affordable prices. A dream that the best infrastructure and technology be provided to doctors so that they can serve patients to best of their capability. A dream that our people need not flee to metros for medical needs. This conviction inspired us to make a world class hospital in the heart of the country where the best infrastructure meets the best doctors to deliver cutting edge technology with care.


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The Gamma Camera Facility is used for detection and periodic evaluation during follow up for patient with various cancers and renal, cardiac, liver, Bone, Brain, Thyroid, Parathyroid diseases amongst various others. A dual head gamma camera enables two times faster imaging and SPECT helps in better lesion characterization. Low dose therapy using radio nuclides and consultation shall also be available to patients in specific diseases by expert Nuclear Medicine physicians with many years of experience at reputed, apex, tertiary care hospitals. Dr. Manish Ora MBBS, MD, RSO is the chief Consultant Physician at this Hospital, with over eight years experience in Nuclear Medicine from SGPGI, Lucknow. Radio iodine therapy for thyrotoxicosis including Graves diseases, Autonomous solitary nodules and toxic multi nodular goiters, as well as low dose remnant ablation therapy for thyroid cancer is available at our facility.
PET is a powerful diagnostic modality having major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases especially in the cancer management. Most common medical tests, like CT and MR scans, only show details about the body structure, PET-CT can provide information about function along with structural details. PET can detect and stage most cancers accurately, often before they are evident through other tests. With a single PET procedure, the entire body can be screened for detection of cancer that might otherwise go undetected. PET can also give physicians important information about heart disease (myocardial viability) and many neurological disorders, like loss of memory (Dementia). We have state of the art Nuclear Medicine facility with Philips Gemini Time of flight PET-CT scan. With this high end scanner, whole body scan can be finished with much less time, using very low dose of radioactive material.
PHILIPS ACHIEVA 3.0T X-SERIES The Achieva 3.0T X Series is a powerful and patient friendly compact 3Tesla whole body MRI system with a wide and open short bore design with 50cm imaging coverage for comfortable and efficient patient imaging. This machine has wide variety of unique and innovative applications. The Achieva 3.0T X-Series Philips MRI is a whole body imaging Scanner with high sensitivity body coil for fast and easy patient preparation and patient comfort ease of operation and image acquisition to allow for very high throughput.
Siemens Versacell X3

Covid-19 vaccination timing evening 5:00 to 6:00 PM. at Bansal Sacklecha Hospital, Hoshangabad Rd, Opposite Nandan Palace .