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Preventive Health Care

Best Health Checkup Programs

"Bansal Health Packages is Committed to a Proactive Approach to Health to avoid illnessand Optimize Wellness."

Following the age- old adage that says "Prevention is better than cure", it is always recommended that one goes through an annual preventive check to detect any disease condition early. The sooner you detect any irregularity in your system, better is the management and outcome of treatment.

Customer Satisfaction

Bansal health check pioneered the concept of the Preventivehealth check program and has created a satisfied customer.


Special care has been taken while designing these packages. Since every individual and age group has different health needs, we have designed specific packages to meet them.


Bansal health checks are all inclusive health screening programs that offer you the convenience of all tests under one roof.

All Packages offer

Detailed consultation, assessment, and review by senior consultant (Physician, Gynecologist)
An exclusive set of Investigation.
Lifestyle assessment by Dietician.
Full medical report for future reference.

Offered Programs

Basic Health Check-up

Time Taken :
1 to 2 Hours (Approx)
Rs. 1900/-
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Bansal Executive Health Check

Time Taken :
3 to 4 hours (Approx.)
Rs. 4500/-
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Bansal Comprehensive HEART check-up (BCHC)

Time Taken :
3 to 4 hours (Approx.)
Rs. 4200/-
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Bansal comprehensive HEART check-up (GOLD)

Time Taken :
6 to 7 hours (Approx.)
Rs. 12000/-
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Bansal Comprehensive HEART check-up (GOLD PLUS)

Time Taken :
1 Day (24 hours)
Rs. 15000/-
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  • Kindly take the prior Appointment, please call 0755-4086000 Dial – Ext. 6151 (between 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Saturday)
  • Email: healthcheckup@bansalhospital.net.in
  • Do You Know we can collect the blood from your house at no additional cost. It will save from being fasting for long time and it will save your time.
  • Please report at the Bansal Wellness Centre (Health Check-up Department), ground floor between 8.00am and 10.00 am with prior appointment
  • Please come on an empty stomach with overnight fasting (10 to 12 hours). You are advised to have 2-3 glasses of plain water, to enable a full bladder to facilitate an ultrasound
  • Kindly bring your morning samples of urine. Sterilized containers for samples should be collected a day in advance from Bansal wellness center
  • If ultrasound scan is part of your package, please do not pass urine till the scan is completed
  • In case you are taking any medicine, please bring them with you & take the scheduled medication on the day of the checkup after giving fasting sample.
  • If you have any concerns or have a cardiac history, please inform the health check-up reception before undergoing your TMT (if part of your package). We Shall facilitate a conversation with your physician for appropriate advice
  • Pregnant ladies suspecting pregnancy please do not get x-ray, DEXA Scan or mammography done
  • Most preventive health checks (except whole body check and special additional investigations if advised) are completed in two days. “On Day 1″ the test are carried out and on “Day 2″ they are reviewed by your physician & other consultation.

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