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Can Too Much Caffeine Intake Increase Your Risk for a Heart Attack?

Caffeine Intake Increase

There doesn’t go by a day for most people without a cup of coffee or tea. Caffeine has become an essential part of the being for humans, creating a massive consumer market for multi-billion dollar companies. 

That magical experience keeps people active and helps them start their mornings. People prefer having multiple cups of coffee throughout the day but can having too much caffeine increase your risk for a heart attack? 

Even studies have shown that caffeine can increase productivity as it is an active stimulant and it is one of the reasons that attract people to coffee apart from the fact that it has a beautiful aroma and a pungent taste. 

Some studies have even shown that coffee helps in maintaining brain health, slows prostate cancer, and increases a person’s lifespan but anything done beyond the limit can prove to be harmful and so can coffee.

Excessive caffeine is a known factor for increasing blood pressure which leads to cardiovascular diseases. So, yes, in a way too much consumption of caffeine increases the risk of a heart attack.

Research has shown the same fact that caffeine increases the risk of a heart attack. Although it depends upon whether your body is a fast or a slow metabolizer of caffeine. 

Slow metabolizers of caffeine are at a higher risk as if they consume 2-3 cups of coffee a day, they’re 36% likely to suffer a heart attack, and the same increases to 64% if the cups of coffee increase to 4.

Symptoms of caffeine withdrawal

Coffee stimulates alertness but refraining from drinking it suddenly can have a negative effect or withdrawal symptoms including-

• Headache
• Fatigue
• Mood swings
• Hard time concentrating
• Constipation

How to cope with caffeine withdrawal?

If someone withdraws coffee intake suddenly some negative effects can be seen but to prevent it from happening some coping methods can be followed.

• Reducing coffee intake slowly and gradually
• Taking proper sleep can help fight fatigue
• Opting for acceptable coffee replacements
• Drinking enough water can prevent dehydration which causes headaches 

Coffee is a much-loving beverage by most people, it helps them be active and energetic throughout the day. However, anything done excessively can be harmful and so can coffee, moderate consumption is appropriate such as 400 mg a day but not more as per research.

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