Cause of the delayed period ?

What can be the cause of the delayed period?

What Can Be The Cause Of The Delayed Period

Menstruation is monthly body activity that is experienced by women around the world. There is still an unsaid taboo around menstruation or commonly known as a period that is faced by women throughout the country and some other parts of the world.

Women experience not just bleeding for four days but some women also experience pain, cramps, hormonal imbalance, and mood swings. However, these are symptoms not experienced by all women.

Some women bleed for a longer period, while there are women who don’t have access to clean and hygienic pads and still use clothes or rags. There are still conservative thoughts attached to periods that result in some women experiencing shame and discrimination that begins at home.
However, people today are being aware of menstruation and stronger steps are being taken to support women during their menstrual cycle. 

Some women have PCOS or some related condition leading to an irregular period but if you don’t have any related condition and experience late period arrival, then Dr. Deepti Gupta has some tips for you. 

What can be done if your period is delayed, or missed? 

According to Dr. Deepti Gupta, Most people believe that every month the period should arrive on the same death. However, it is completely normal if your period comes five to six days early or five to six days later. 


For instance, your period is delayed by seven days and your normal cycle is regular. The first thing you’ll do is take a pregnancy test in the morning with morning urine. This test can easily be taken by self and doesn’t require any outside help. It is a self-test rectangular-shaped kit on which you drop 3 drops of urine and wait to see whether two lines appear or one. If two lines appear that means you’re pregnant, if one line appears that means you’re not pregnant. 


There can be other reasons other than pregnancy such as there are some hormonal imbalances such as thyroid. If you have hypothyroidism, meaning that you have less thyroid hormone, the period can be irregular and can cause weight gain and bring slowness to the body. It can also cause constipation, lack of concentration, depression, and delayed periods.  


Another hormone that can be the cause is prolactin. Sometimes this increases causing delayed periods, secretion of milk from the breasts, and headaches. However, it is not a matter of concern, as it can be controlled with the help of medication. 


Another significant reason is hemoglobin. Sometimes lack of hemoglobin (blood) can cause a delay in the period. 


PCOD known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease has become very common in young women as it causes small cysts in the ovaries. It causes hormonal imbalances, leading to weight gain, acne, unwanted facial hair, and delay in periods.


Stress is also a leading cause of delayed periods as hormones in women are incredibly sensitive. However, this is also treatable if consulted. Delay in menstruation is not a terrifying factor, if consulted, it is treatable. Women’s hormones are sensitive and can have numerous effects on menstruation. However, learning about it can help in spreading awareness to lift up the already existing taboo.

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