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About Bansal Hospital CT Scan Centre

For CT Scan in Bhopal Reach the Bansal Hospital. Our CT Scan Centre is integrated with the PET-CT Scanner for Whole Body CT scan, CT Angiography, 3D imaging of Musculoskeletal system, CT guided interventional procedures, Non-Invasive Coronary Angiography.

Bansal hospital CT Scan Centre in Bhopal has advanced facilities and specialist radiologists, experienced staff, technicians to perform CT scans to help diagnose.

Get Quality services at an affordable price. If the doctor suggests you a CT scan test in Bhopal you must visit our center for the diagnosis.

CT (computed tomography) scan uses X-rays to create images from the different angles of your body. It is a medical investigation to detect conditions like cancer, heart disease, liver masses, Abdomen, tumor, bone, and joint problems.CT Scan is a helpful procedure to catch any serious injuries in much less time using a very low dose of radioaCTive material. Our CT Scan Centre has facilities to diagnose for both adults and Pediatric.

There are two types of CT scans in Bhopal that are generally done with or without contrast, different types of procedures are used in both the tests, the doctor will notify you before the procedure.

PET-CT Scanner

PET is a powerful diagnostic modality having major impact on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, especially in cancer management. Most common medical tests, like CT and MR scans, only show details about the body structure, PET-CT can provide information about function along with structural details. PET can detect and stage most cancers accurately, often before they are evident through other tests. With a single PET procedure, the entire body can be screened for detection of cancer that might otherwise go undetected. PET can also give physicians important information about heart disease (myocardial viability) and many neurological disorders, like loss of memory (Dementia). We have state of the art Nuclear Medicine facility with Philips Gemini Time of flight PET-CT scan. With this high-end scanner, the whole-body scan can be finished with much less time, using very low dose of radioactive material.

PET-CT Scanner

Available Treatment and Facilities

  • Whole Body CT scan
  • CT Angiography
  • 3D imaging of Musculoskeletal system
  • CT guided interventional procedures
  • Non-Invasive Coronary Angiography
  • CT Scan Abdomen
  • CT Scan Bones
  • CT Scan Neck
  • CT Scan Renal Stones
  • CT Scan Sinus
  • CT Scan Spine
  • CT Scan Brain
  • CT Scan Chest

CT Scan Specialist /Doctors


CT Scan prices do vary depending on the parts of the body receiving the scan, the approximate starting charge is between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 12,000 or more. One factor that can greatly affect the cost of your CT scan is whether you have it performed in an inpatient facility, like a hospital, or an outpatient surgery center. For more details, you can contact us at +91-0755-4086000.

CT scans detect conditions like cancer, heart disease, liver masses, bone, and joint problems. CT scans spot complex bone fractures and tumors in much less time.

A CT scan can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the body parts being scanned. It also depends on how much of your body or parts of the body the doctors want to examine

There are several types of CT scans, some of the most common CT scans are

Whole Body CT scan, CT Angiography,3D imaging of Musculoskeletal system, CT guided interventional procedures, Non-Invasive Coronary Angiography, CT Scan Bones, CT Scan Neck, CT Scan Renal Stones

CT Scan Sinus, CT Scan Spine, CT Scan Brain, CT Scan Chest

Two types of CT scans doctors can suggest with or without contrast. If your doctor ordered a CT scan without contrast, you can eat, drink and take your prescribed medications before your scan. If your doctor ordered a CT scan with contrast, Refrain from eating or drinking for a few hours before your scan. Remove metal objects, jewelry eyeglasses, which might interfere with image results.

During a CT scan, you lie in a tube-shaped machine while the inside of the machine rotates and takes a series of X-rays to create images from the different angles of your body. These pictures are then sent to a computer, where they’re combined to create images of slices, or cross-sections, of the body. Collectively these images

CT scans are generally painless, fast, and easy, to detect more inside pictures of your body than the other test like x-ray, but as compared to x-rays it emits more radiation. You may feel some of the common side effects

Flushing, Rash, Itching, Runny nose, Coughing, Dizziness, Abdominal cramps, Constipation, Nausea, Vomiting

It usually takes 24 hours to come test report for the CT scan. But in emergency cases, healthcare providers often receive results within an hour.

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