“Teeth aren’t pearly, until you smile.”

The Dental Department at Bansal Hospital, Bhopal, is a one stop solution for all your dental problems.

Located conveniently on the first floor, with its own consulting cabin and a comfortable waiting area, it promises excellent patient services.

It is well equipped with two dental chair units, an advanced RVG machine, and boasts of housing the latest dental materials and contrivances.

The OPD works with doctors on rotation from morning 9 to 8 in evening, six days a week.

The dental team includes five highly trained, experienced and professional Dental Surgeons, with specialists coming in for different faculties.

Dr. Ashima Malhotra heads the department with a specialization in Prosthodontics, Crown, Bridge and Implantology and a keen interest in aesthetic dentistry.

Consultant, Dr. Sana Khan is a gold medalist in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics and is highly skilled at restorative Dentistry.

Dental Surgeons Dr. Divya Tripathi, Dr. Smriti Dutta and Dr. Nishtha Gautam are efficient and skilled at patient management.

Visiting consultants provide tailor made personalized treatment options suited for every patient’s individual dental needs.

The Bansal Dental Department provides a wide range of treatment regimens from rehabilitation procedures such as Root Canal Treatments, Cavity Fillings, Crowns and Dentures to surgical procedures like Implants, Extractions and Flap surgeries. Cosmetic procedures include smile designing, orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, scaling and polishing, veneers, laminates and bleaching (teeth whitening). From pedodontic patients to geriatric patients, there’s a solution for every problem.

Smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Address your dental problems before they become emergent. Make your regular dental health check up appointment today.

Available Treatment and Facilities

  • Regular facilities such as Root Canal Treatment, Cavity Fillings, Sealants, Basic Extractions, Partial and Complete Dentures, etc.
  • Surgical facilities like Surgical Extractions, Pre-prosthetic Surgeries, Dental Implants, and much more.
  • Cosmetic facilities including Veneers, Bridges & Crowns, Smile Designing, Onlays & Inlays, Tooth Whitening, Smile Make Over and enhancement facilities.
  • Specialized facilities like Full Mouth Rehabilitation.
  • Our multispecialty dental centre is equipped with latest and advanced technologies of dentistry, enabling us to deliver painless treatment options for our patients.

Doctors with Extensive Experience

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