The department of dietetics and nutritional sciences at Bansal hospital is progressive and is fully committed to provide the highest quality nutrition care, leading edge nutrition practice, food service, innovative development which helps in process flow to patients and staff. We believe that respecting each other is an important part of team work.

The department addresses today’s complex nutrition and health issues to enhance quality of life for early recovery. We provide OPD services as well as charge of complete indoor patients, providing Normal /Modified / Therapeutic diets to an individual as per patients need.

A careful dietary history of each admitted patient is taken by the dieticians. They review all blood parameters and assess nutritional status within 24hrs of admission, after that the diet is prescribed accordingly. Once prescribed the diet is coordinated along with consulting Doctors and kitchen staff. We believe that diet plays a major role in the promotion of health and well being of an individual hence provides and promotes optimal nutrition care and food services to the IPD patients.

Food quality is checked on regular basis. Proper hygienic conditions are maintained. Food handler’s policy is strictly followed by the department. Properly trained staff packages the food and distributes to the wards.

Available Treatment and Facilities

  • Regular / Normal diet
  • Semi Solid / Soft Diet
  • Restricted diet as per patient’s diagnosis and medical condition
  • Diabetic Diet
  • Renal Diet
  • Low Salt Diet
  • Neutropenic Diet
  • Bland Diet

Doctors with Extensive Experience

Opening Hours