Ophthalmology in bhopal


Eyes are important structure of human body and God’s gift for sight and mirror of body. Many eye problems can be prevented by comprehensive early routine eye check- ups and proper eye care. Bansal hospital eye department is new state of art advanced integrated eye care centre, with automatic advanced machines to provide total eye care. Major advantage of this department to give safe eye treatment in patients with different systemic problems like diabetes, cardiac, nephrology and neurological disorders. Multi-speciality under one roof helps to provide quality eye care and eye surgeries to accidents and high risk patients under supervision with team work.

The department specialises in diagnosing & treating all types of ocular diseases by Laser or Surgeries ranging from simple day care procedures to the most advanced complicated invasive surgeries. The department provides a comprehensive eye treatment of diabetic eye diseases with best resources and expertise to better meet the needs of the growing number of patients with diabetic eye problems.

The specialised facility of this department is qualified & experienced glaucoma specialist with its dedicated efforts, care, compassion and commitment towards ongoing fight for glaucoma awareness and blindness.

Bansal eye department has comfortable high class infrastructure with all modern OPD equipment, modular OT with optical, medical store, laboratory and radiological investigation facilities in same premises to fight for blindness as ‘PERFECT CARE FOR PERFECT VISION

Available Treatment and Facilities

  • Refraction unit: advanced autokeratorefractometer, lensometer
  • Cataract unit: Photo slit lamp, ALADDIN optical biometer and facities of stichless advance cataract surgery by phacoemulsification and foldable IOLs of all varities
  • Glaucoma unit: applanation tonometer, gonioscopy, pachymetery, perimetery, OCT and facilities for glaucoma care by Laser and surgeries like trabeculectomy, shunts and valves.
  • Vitreoretinal unit: fundus fluorescein angiography, OCT, retinal LASER, eye sonography and management of all vitreoretinal disorders.
  • Pediatric eye care unit: ROP screening and holistic care for children’s eyes.
  • Extra Ocular disorders unit: facilities for Squint, lids surgeries like ptosis, entropion, ectropion, sac surgeries with implants and other extra ocular surgeries
  • Geriatric eye care unit: age related eye disorders like ARMD management by LASER and ANTI- VEGF injections.
  • VEP, Glasses, contact lenses, artificial eye, prosthetic glasses and low vision aid available under same roof.
  • Emergency trauma unit: Major advantage of eye department is 24*7 emergency eye services facilities to deal with any kind of ocular medical emergency like accidents, ocular burns.

Doctors with Extensive Experience

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