diagnostic centre in Bhopal- Bansal Hospital Bhopal

Diagnostic Services

PET-CT Scanner

Nuclear Medicine Therapy

Iodine 131

Therapy for thyroid cancer & Hyperthyroidism

Yttrium 90

32 P therapy for Bone Pain Palliation.

Samarium 153 EDTMP

Therapy for Bone Pain Palliation



Phillips 3 Tesla MRI in Bansal Hospital is the only “The first-ever digital broadband MR system which elevates clinical performance, accelerates patient management, improves economic value.

Best in class 4D Ultrasound with Color Doppler

  •  Whole Body CT scan
  •  CT Angiography
  •  3D imaging of Musculoskeletal system
  •  CT guided interventional procedures
  •  Non Invasive Coronary Angiography
  •  Ultrafast imaging of whole body
  •  DWI – Diffusion weighted images/ADC mapping hyper acute infarct
  •  Perfusion imaging and function MRI
  •  Tissue Spectroscopy
  •  Echo Speed Imaging and Tractography
  •  MR Angiography and Veinography
  •  MRCP
  •  For peripheral Angiography
  •  Other Radiological Interventions


Department of Pathology is well equipped to provide quality reports to patients and local community.

The lab is equipped with all full automated analyzer to prevent any pre analytical errors. All samples are barcoded from point of collection. Hospital provides facility of Pneumatic Shoot at all site of sample collection, to reduce transit delay.

The lab has fully automated software controlled analyzer for clinical chemistry and immunoassays.

All the instruments are interfaced to prevent any manual error.

So, the laboratory provides quality reporting with minimal turnaround time to give utmost satisfaction to doctors, patients and all its customers.

  • Siemens Versa is a modular unit with first of its kind in Central India. It is optimized for high throughout workload. It can perform 1000 clinical chemistry and 170 immunoassay per hour.
  • ESR Roller 20 is a fully automated ESR analyzer which gives results of 100 samples per hour.
  • Stago STart 4 Coagulometer and Urine Analyzer (SD) are for all coagulation and clinical pathology tests respectively.
  • In Microbiology we have automated blood culture instrument BacT Alert 120 and imported CO2, and conventional incubator and biosafety cabinet level II for sterile working environment.

Blood Bank

Blood Bank at Bansal Hospital is available with component facility the most advanced system of blood banking to the inpatient as well as hospitals and nursing homes across the city. We have engaged experienced full time Medical Officer and qualified Technicians.

We backed up with latest equipment and instruments including ID Centrifuge 6S which provides accuracy in result & excellent quality control.

Services we are Providing at Blood Bank are :

  • Whole Blood
  • Packed Red Blood Cell
  • Leukoreduction Packed Red Blood Cell
  • Cory Precipitate
  • FFP
  • Platelets
  • Single Donor Platelates ( SDP )
  • Single Donor Plasma ( Plasma Apheresis )
Covid Center