Dr. Brajendra Mishra - Bansal Hospital Bhopal

Dr. Brajendra Mishra

About Me:

I am from Community Medicine with almost 43 years of experience in different fields of community medicine.


Year Degree Institute
1977 M.B.B.S. Gandhi Medical College Bhopal
1984 M.D. Community Medicine Shyam shah medical College, Rewa M.P.

Specialization and Expertise

  • Clinical Leprosy including reaction management, Epidemiological and control of Leprosy -20 years.
  • Disaster Medicine and research management (18 Projects)- 5 years
  • Disease Surveillance leprosy/Polio- 2 years
  • Distance education with IGNOU– 4 years
  • Human resource development HIV AIDS -4 years
  1. Life member- Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine
  2. Life member -Indian Association of Leprosy 
  1. MIttal Oration Award for best teacher in Community Medicine- 2019

Publications including Technical reports

Technical Reports

  1. An epidemiological study of symptomatic morbidities in communities living around solar evaporation ponds and behind the Union Carbide factory, Bhopal
  2. The Technical report of the project titled. “Long term epidemiological studies on the health effects of toxic gas exposure through community health clinics”
  3. Feasibility study on Sample Survey cum Assessment Units
  4. Leprosy Elimination Monitoring in State of Madhya Pradesh 2001
  5. Mid day meal program in M.P.: A study on impact on tribal school children CARE – India, 1979.

Published papers:

  1. Three decade of Experience with Trialouge: A stretagy of Social Behaviour change of community in Leprosy> Mishra B and Sharma BL. Indian. J.Lepr 2019;91:285-295
  2. Health issues among MIC exposed population 30 years post MIC disaster at Bhopal. Mishra B. Int. J Health Syst. Disaster Manage. 2015;3:115-28
  3. Should area, population and sample selection for gas disaster studies be a multidisciplinary approach: Experiences from Bhopal MIC disaster. Mishra B, Seth AN.Int J Health Syst Disaster Manage 2014;2:50-5.
  4. MIC Leak Disaster and Environmental Contamination: Time to Act Now. Mishra B, Banerjee N. Natl J Community Med 2014; 5(1): 13-20.
  5. Epidemiological study of Mortality and symptomatic Morbidities among gas leak exposed cohort in 1984: 24 years of experience.

         Nalok Banerjee, Brajendra Mishra, Sushil Singh, Moina Sharma. Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences 2014; Vol. 3, Issue 01, January 06; Page: 147-157. 

  1. An Epidemiological Study of Symptomatic Morbidities in Localities around Solar Evaporation Ponds and Behind Union Carbide Factory, Bhopal.

         Mishra B, Banerjee N, Singh S, Tiwari SC. Natl J Community Med 2013; 4(4): 588-93.

  1. Epidemiological Investigation on rabies deaths in Berasia Block, Bhopal.

        Mishra B. Natl J community Med 2012;3(3):423-7  

  1. Nerve trunk decompression in lower limbs in Hansen Disease.

         Husain S., Mishra Brajendra, Prakash Vishva, Malaviya GN.

         Ind. J. Orthopedics. (1998),Vol.32, no. 2, Page 85-87.

  1. Results of surgical decompression of ulnar nerve in leprosy.

         Husain S., Mishra Brajendra, Prakash Vishva, Malaviya GN.

         Acta Leprol. (1998) Vol. 11, No. 1. Page 17-20.

  1. Evaluation of results of surgical decompression of  median nerve in leprosy  in  relation  to sensory  motor  functions. 

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  1. Rifampicin and Isonex in  treatment of  nerve abscesses.

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  1. Protective sensibility : Its monofilament nylon threshold equivalence in leprosy patients.

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         Ind. J. Lepr.(1997) Vol. 69  .

  1. Involvement of lips and gums in a borderline tuberculoid patient.

         Brajendra Mishra, A.Mukherjee. A.Girdhar, S.Husain, G.N. Malaviya & B.K. Girdhar. 

        Ind. J.Lepr, (1996). 68 (4) 367-70.

  1. Calcification of Peripheral Nerves in Leprosy.

         Chauhan SL, Girdhar A, Mishra B, Malaviya GN, Venketesan K and Girdhar BK. (1996). Acta Leprol , Vol. 10 P-51-56.

  1. Neuritic leprosy: Further progression and significance.

         Brajendra Mishra, Ashok Mukherjee, A.Girdhar, S.Husain, G.N.Malaviya & B.K. Girdhar. 

         Acta Leprol . (1995) Vol -9 , P- 187-194

  1. Disease Profile in a small Hamlet due to a single borderline lepramatous case – Eight years of follow up.

         Brajendra Mishra .

         N.L. O. Bull. Jan – Mar. 1993 . P 267-270.

  1. Trigeminal neuralgia – A presenting feature of facial leprosy.

         Brajendra Mishra, G.N. Malaviya, A. Girdhar, S. Husain. & B.K. Girdhar.

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  1. Evolution of early lesions in leprosy.

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  1. Paralysis of occipitofrontalis in a borderline patient.

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  1. Analysis of circulating immune complexes from leprosy patients for Mycobacterium leprae antigens.

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  1. Long term studies of exposure to Toxic gas on human health.

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        Vacham July-Sep. 1990,P 35-39.

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4-      Limitations of Clofazimine in treatment of Lepra reactions.

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