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Dr. H. H. Trivedi

About Me:

Dr. H. H. Trivedi works as an Internal Medicine specialist in Bansal Hospital, Bhopal. He has an experience of more than 55 years in this field and is one of the best General physician doctors in Bhopal. He completed his graduation(MBBS) in 1965 and pursued a master’s (MD) in Internal Medicine in 1969 from Vikram University, Ujjain. Dr. H. H. Trivedi is also a well-known member of the Indian Chest Society, European Respiratory Society, and Association of Physicians of India. Prior to working as a consultant in Internal Medicine & Rheumatology department in Bansal Hospital, he served as a General Physician and Internal Medicine Specialist in various prestigious hospitals in Madhya Pradesh.


Year Degree Institute
- M.D. -
- FISE -
- FICP -

Specialization and Expertise

  1. Cardiological Society of India
  2. Indian Society of Electrocardiology
  3. Indian Chest Society
  4. Member of European Respiratory Society
  5. Association of Physicians of India
  6. Fellow of Indian College of Physicians
  7. Bronchology Society of India
  8. Member of Physician Piece and War
  9. Coordinater for Dia
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