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Dr. Vinita Ramnani

About Me:

Dr. Vinita Ramnani is a top Eye Surgeon & Glaucoma Expert in Bhopal, currently working as a consultant in the Ophthalmology department of Bansal Hospital, Bhopal. With a specialization in Glaucoma, she has been treating patients for over 10 years with the best eye care treatment in the city and is among the top eye specialist in Bhopal. She completed her graduation(MBBS) in the year 1991 and later went on to pursue her master’s(MS) in Ophthalmology from M.G.M. Medical College, D.A.V., Indore. She also served at well-known Specialized Eye Care Institutes like L V Prasad Eye Institute Hyderabad where she obtained a Fellowship in Glaucoma & at MGM Medical College Navi Mumbai.


Year Degree Institute
1991 M.B.B.S. M.G.M. Medical College, D.A.V., Indore
1994 M.S. (OPHTHAL) M.G.M. Medical College, D.A.V., Indore
2006 Short Term Fellowship V. Prasad Eye Institue, Hyderabad
  1. Work as comprehensive ophthalmologist and has vast experience FROM 1995 in dealing all kind of patients with all investigating machines, LASERS and various anterior segment surgeries.
  2. Vast experience of conducting camps all over India for 25 years.
  3. Was trainer for SICS and PHACO SURGERY at sewasadan eye hospital.
  4. Assisted posterior segment surgeries to vitreo retinal surgeon.
  5. Independently can tackle medical vitreoretinal disorders.
  6. Total 25000 surgeries overall including cataract, glaucoma and various extra ocular surgeries.
  7. 25,000 cataract surgeries including ICLE, ECCE, SICS and phacoemulsification and paediatric cataracts as well as various combined surgeries.
  8. Performed 700 different varieties of glaucoma surgeries.
  9. 200 lid surgeries like ENTROPION, ECTROPION and PTOSIS.
  10. Nearly 500 sac surgeries include probing, DCT and DCR.
  11. Approximately 80 squint surgeries.
  12. 550 pterygium surgeries with and without grafting.
  13. 100 different varieties of keratoplasties.
  14. 150 syringing and probing in children and anterior segment surgeries in paediatric patients.

Specialization and Expertise

  • Opthalmology
  • Very wide experience of working in field of Opthalmology as comprehensive Opthalmologist
  • Comprehension anterior Segment eye Surgeries of all types.
  • Advanced cataract surgery by phacoemulsification and foldable IOL, like multifocal and toric IOL.
  • Glaucoma surgeries like trabeculectomy, with mitomycin C, shunt surgeries and LASERS.
  • All types of lacrimal sac surgeries like DCT, DCR.
  • Squintanddifferent types of lid surgeries.
  • Retinal LASERS for diabetic and hypertensive retinopathies, Anti VEGF injections like ranibizumab, aflibercepts and other intravitreal injections for age related macular degeneration.
  • Pediatric eye surgeries like cataract and squints under anesthesia and supervision
  • Contact lens and cosmetic eye surgeries and prosthetic and low vision aids.
  1. AIOS (All India Ophthalmological Society) – R9767.
  2. MPSOS (MP State Ophthalmological Society) – R287.
  3. DOS (Delhi Ophthalmological Society) – R01765
  4. GSI (Glaucoma Society of India) – R00785.
  5. IDOS (Indore Division Ophthalmic Society) – R 90.
  6. BDOS (Bhopal Division Ophthalmic Society) – R 131.
  7. Women In Ophthalmology – 1360
  1. Received“SHRI NARSINGH BAHADUR AWARD”for the best paper in glaucoma – at MPSOS 14-16th October 2011 for presentation at Indore title “outcome of laser pi in spectrum of primary angle closure glaucoma”.
  2. SATGURU SEWA SANGH BEST VIDEO AWARD received at Ujjain 2015 for presentation at 38th MPSOS-SAGAR dated 8-10th October 2014, on “surgical management of capsular phimosis” video.
  3. Video presentation at Indore IDOS on “phacotrabeculectomy “with four-member team from Bhopal and won the trophy of best team (nawabs of Bhopal)
  4. Best E-poster award at 1st women ophthalmologist society conference at Noida on 26th-27th march 2016.
  5. Dr Ramesh Krishna Agrawal memorial award (Best paper award) for the year 2016 at Ophthalmology tomorrow at Indore for paper on “clinical presentation and management of anterior capsular phimosis”.
  6. Awarded in THANK YOU DOCTOR SAMMAN SAMAROH- 30-9-18.
  7. Dr JK Raizada award for best paper in cataract (2019- MPSOS, JABALPUR)
  8. Prof I B Goel Memorial award- at MPSOS 2021- virtual conference Rewa.
  9. CLINICAL SECRETARY- Bhopal division ophthalmic society BDOS- (2013-2015),
  10. VICE PRESIDENT BDOS (2017-19)
  11. Secretary Bhopal division ophthalmic society (2019-2021),
  12. Editor for MPSOS Souvenir 2016 and BDOS highlight (13-15) and Co-Editor (15-17)
  13. Performed Live surgeries in various conferences and trainer for many eye surgeries inSurgical skill transfer courses and WET LABS.
  1. Clinical presentation and management of anterior capsular contraction.Ramnani V, Gupta S, Ramnani VK, International Journal of Medical Research and Review, September, 2016/vol 4/issue 9/ Page 1666- 1671
  2. Evaluation of results of combined Phacoemulsification and pars plana vitrectomy. Vinita Ramnani, Saroj Gupta, Gajendra Chawla, Vijay Ramnani, Panacea journal ofmedical sciences, may-august, 2016;96-101
  3. Surgical outcome of single site phacotrebeculectomy in management of concurrent glaucoma and cataract.Vinita Ramnani, Rahul Agrawal, Priti Singh, Rashmi Kumar, Sapna Raghuvanshi, Vijay Kumar Ramnani. International Journal of Research in medical Sciences/July 2016/ Vol 4/ Issue 7 Page 2874-2877
  4. Hospital based study of prevalence of dry eye in post-menopausal women, Rahul agrawal, pritisingh, Tanya Rajpal, Rashmi kumar, Sapna Raghuvanshi, Vinita Ramnani. Indian Journal of Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, January- March, 2016; 2(1):57-62
  5. DOS TIME – MARCH-APRIL 2019, Cataract surgery in operated trabeculectomy patients- pearls and pitfalls.
  6. Outcome of laser peripheral iridotomy in the spectrum of primary angle closure disease
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