Free Eye Checkup Camp Organised in BIST Bhopal

Free Eye Checkup Camp Organised in BIST, Bhopal

Free Eye Checkup

The present scenario where factors like increased screen time, exposure to UV rays, smoking, complacency, and inaction have contributed to a series of health problems. Predominantly putting a negative impact on eyes, which has led to vision defects becoming extremely common among the youth. 

Catering to this need of the hour, Bansal Institutes of Science and Technology in collaboration with Bansal Hospital, Bhopal organized a free eye checkup camp at the BIST campus. 

The camp was conducted by senior Ophthalmologist Surgeon of Bansal Hospital, Dr. Vinita Ramnani (MBBS, MS Ophthal). 

Free Eye Checkup Camp

Other than Dr.Ramnani, there were three other eye specialists who participated and gave their service to this noble cause of making eye checkups accessible to all by organizing it for free. 

The camp was well equipped with all the necessary gears, aids and facilities needed for examining the patients. The camp saw great attendance from the students and faculty members of the college who got highly benefited from this health camp. 


Director of BIST, Bhopal, Dr.Damodar Tiwari was also present at the camp, and concluded the camp by facilitating the Eye specialists, Dr. Vinita Ramnani, and others by presenting them a token of appreciation for their great service from the college’s side. 

Being the most prominent and accountable conglomerate in Bhopal and actively participating in the community, Bansal Group continues to organize CSR events for the benefit and welfare of city residents.  Whichincludes organizing regular free health camps across the village and less civilized areas of the city, promoting sustainability through youth activities & camps, and more. 

Bansal Group has also adopted a few villages adjacent to the city, namely Acharpura, Ratanpur, Sewaniya Onkar, Kalyanpur, and Pathariya under the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan.

The event and camps are planned exclusively to benefit society as a whole and to foster a company culture that is devoted to serving people.

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