Hemodiafiltration is now available at Bhopal | Bansal Hospital

Hemodiafiltration is now available at Bansal Hospital Bhopal

Introducing advanced technologies and procedures is the way Bansal Hospital Bhopal functions. Taking new ideas and implementing them successfully to reap a satisfactory and beneficial result is the methodology that Bansal Hospital follows.

Hemodiafiltration is a renal replacement therapy and is used to treat acute kidney injury. It combines diffusive clearance and convection to remove more molecular-weight solutes, using a permeable membrane. Hemodiafiltration is different from hemodialysis in which diffusive therapy removes small solutes. 


Advantages of the new ultra-modern dialysis facility 

  • Better removal of bigger-size toxins
  • Better patient survival
  • Preservation of heart function
  • Better quality of life
  • Better blood pressure control
  • Better phosphorus control
  • Reduced long-term complications
  • Better nutrition

This is a great accomplishment for the hospital and more importantly crucial for its patients. The better technologies and methodologies that come forward the more advancing and assuring the results would be. 

About Bansal Hospital

Bansal Hospital is a 300 bedded multi-specialty hospital that strives to provide patients with effective treatment of diagnosed problems. It is inclusive of 39 credible medical departments led by prominent doctors and supportive nurses.

With this, the hospital also provides regular health check-ups and necessary emergency services. From having room for numerous technological advances to securing and building safety nets for life, Bansal Hospital has come a very long way. 

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