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How do seasonal changes affect health?

Winter is almost about to go and the seasons are changing. These seasonal changes not just impact our everyday life, and style of clothes but also affects our health majorly. Multiple infections accompany us with seasonal changes. The chances of getting bacterial infections also increase, with this, temperature changes may trigger acute or chronic conditions in the Not only this, seasonal vulnerable population, especially the elderly and children.

changes are responsible for hormonal changes as well. Extra attention needs to be paid as the season changes. People need to be aware of changes that occur in their bodies due to temperature changes, as could lead to sickness in no time. This way you can help maintain your health throughout the year.

Few ways in which seasonal changes affect health

Increase in flu

There is a sudden rise in the cases of flu and cold as the season changes from spring to winter. This is because people stay indoors a lot during winter and live in an enclosed space that increases the chances of getting viral infections as a result of a lack of washing is done that puts you at risk of breeding infections at home. The body’s immune system also weakens during seasonal changes due to a change in the diet pattern and also because of the temperature change.

Differentiation in the burning of fat

The human body consists of two types of fat, white and brown fats. Excessive white fats weaken the body’s health whereas brown fats have certain advantages to it. Brown fats become more active during winter, it is also responsible for burning calories and is made up of mitochondria that help break carbohydrates and fatty acids. Cool temperatures help fasten the metabolism process.

Seasonal Allergies

Seasonal allergies increase during both seasonal transitions from winter to summer and summer to winter. Pollen allergies are more frequent in summer whereas allergies from mold, and fungi are more prominent during winter. The good bacteria in our gut outnumber the bad bacteria in our gut which makes them attack our system even when they shouldn’t. This leads to allergies, and our food habits also play a significant role in determining our allergies.


Metabolism is likely to decrease during summer to conserve energy whereas metabolism is slightly likely to increase with exposure to cold. Metabolism may increase during winter as people munch on comfort foods, leading to weight gain. Therefore, one needs to focus on food habits and add more greens to their diet even though it may not seem so appealing, it is great for your health.

Tips to help health not get affected by seasonal changes

Change in diet

Consuming a high protein and vitamin-rich diet during the change of season, and adopting habits like maintaining proper hygiene, and drinking filtered water could help improve immunity. Choosing healthy dietary options, opting for more plant-based options, and regulating sugar intake can go a long way in maintaining good health. Another important factor is to stay hydrated during winter, even if you don’t feel thirsty frequently.

Exercising regularly

Staying active or exercising regularly is the key to staying fit at any age. Moving your body to go for a run, do yoga, or play a sport can give you benefits to reap for a lifetime. It also produces endorphins, the feel-good hormones that promote the feeling of contentment and satisfaction.

Strengthening the immune system

It is of great significance to strengthen your immune system during seasonal changes as the temperature changes, your bodies are more likely to get infected due to enclosed spaces. Therefore boosting your immune system should be the necessary step forward by taking probiotic supplements and other nutritional products.


Multiple changes take place in our body during seasonal changes both nutritional and hormonal. It is essential to prevent and curb seasonal allergies and an increase in flu and cold. The only way forward to keeping your body healthy and going is by maintaining a healthy diet and staying active. However, if you experience some health issues as a result of seasonal changes, speak to your healthcare provider.

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