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How stress affects your health?

How Stress Affects Your Health

Stress is a very common phenomenon. In this fast-paced world, living has become a hectic task. People are stressed about multiple things from finances to performing well in an exam, finding a secure job, and maintaining relationships.

There are multiple reasons why people feel stressed and somewhat stress is necessary for the human body to function properly but what if that stress is multiplied by a hundred or thousand times?

Everything in excess has a negative effect on our health and so does stress. Stress affects our entire body in one way or the other with the help of various hormones. It affects your brain, your gut, and your heart.

Stress is the way our body deals with danger or threat. The body tends to respond to a threat ( real or unreal) with a flight, fight, and freeze response. In such an instance, the body releases adrenaline or cortisol to increase concentration and the ability to act.

The response is designed in a way that it fastens the heartbeat, fastens breathing, and tightens muscles to prepare the body for a quick reaction or response. Sometimes the body perceives emotional stress or threat as a physical one and gives the same response thinking it is life-threatening.

Ways in which stress affects your health?

Stress for a prolonged period can have a toll on health not just mentally, and emotionally but also physically. Some of the ways in which stress affects health include

Digestive system-

When the body is affected by stress, the liver tends to produce excessive amounts of blood sugar to boost energy. On a regular basis, the body may find it difficult to break down excess glucose leading to type 2 diabetes. Apart from this, the body may produce excess stomach acid that could lead to an upset stomach.

Respiratory system-

At the time of a stress response, the body makes you breathe quickly which leads to tense muscles and may leave you short of breath. For a person who has asthma, stress can make it more difficult to breathe.

Reproductive system-

Stress can have an impact on both males and females. In men, testosterone levels may drop due to stress, leading to declining in sperm count and further causing erectile dysfunction. Stress in women can cause fertility issues and mess with the menstrual cycle and delay periods.

Immune system-

An immune system that fights bacteria and heals wounds and injury can weaken with chronic stress which makes you more vulnerable to illness.

Muscular system-

Stress has an impact on the muscular system as the muscles tend to tighten in order to protect them from injury but being constantly overwhelmed can tighten muscles that can cause headaches.

Cardiovascular system-

Stress can fasten the heartbeat and lead to the pumping of more blood raising blood pressure. This puts strain on the heart and can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Few ways to deal with stress

Stress may have a negative effect on the body but that doesn’t mean it can’t be dealt with if stress becomes chronic and makes it difficult to perform daily activities, do seek help from a professional. Bansal Hospital Bhopal has credible doctors in the psychiatry department to take care of you and your loved ones.

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