Leading Organ Transplantation Center of Central India – Bansal Hospital

Leading Organ Transplantation Center of Central India

Organ Transplantation

Bansal Hospital is the most trusted healthcare giant in Madhya Pradesh, the hospital uses the most cutting-edge technologies to carry out the treatment and surgeries of patients at affordable rates. Located in the central location of Bhopal, it is one of the leading organ transplantation centers in Central India. 


The major transplant surgeries in the city are primarily carried out under the expert guidance of a trusted team of doctors and medical professionals at the Bansal Hospital. 

The most common transplant procedures involve liver, kidney, bone marrow transplantation, and combined liver and kidney transplants (CLKT). 

Here we give you an insight into the major transplant & surgical procedures performed in Bansal Hospital Bhopal, and what makes it stand out among the other reputed hospitals in Bhopal. 

Department of Liver Transplant and Hepato-pancreato-biliary Surgery

The liver transplant and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery department of Bansal Hospital in Bhopal is a highly specialised surgical division that primarily treats conditions affecting the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and biliary tract.

The department has a wide range of expertise in both adult and pediatric liver transplant procedures.

It has a dedicated team of doctors, who specialize in carrying out transplant surgeries related to the liver, primarily. Additionally, there are highly specialized intensive care units and wards for proper care of liver transplant patients, before and after the operation. Highly trained nursing staff, well-versed with the utmost care required by these patients is available in operation theatres, ICUs, and surgical wards. 

Depending on the availability, the liver is retrieved from a cadaver, a deceased liver donor, or a living donor for the liver transplant.

The donor could be a family member, friend, any blood relation, or an altruistic donor (an anonymous donation involves living donors who are not linked to or acquainted with the recipient), requiring the blood group of both the donor & recipient match.

Acute liver failure transplants, liver re-transplantations, combined liver-kidney transplantations, and other innovative and complicated transplant surgeries have all been conducted by the department of liver transplant and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery up until this point.

Department of Nephrology

The Center for Nephrology is backed by a fully functional dialysis unit, transplant unit, emergency services available around-the-clock, full biochemistry, immunological microbiology, and a dedicated lab for medication levels for transplants. Additionally, the microbiology support for post-transplant infection is excellent.

Nephrology is concerned with illnesses linked to the kidneys. Severe health issues such as acute renal failure, and chronic kidney diseases eventually lead to a need for an emergency kidney transplant. 

Kidney transplant or renal transplant surgery refers to replacing a diseased kidney with a donated kidney either from a living donor or from a deceased donor. A kidney from a living donor is often donated by a family member with a similar match. In rare cases, 2 kidneys are transplanted from a deceased person. 

The department of nephrology at Bansal Hospital provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic treatments for both adult and pediatric nephrological problems. The Department always strives to deliver the best health care to our patients who seek advanced nephrological treatments in India.

Hematology, Hemato – Oncology, and Bone Marrow transplantation

For patients with cancer or other conditions that damage the bone marrow, bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is a specialized treatment. Stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow are removed, filtered, and then given back to the patient or to another person during a bone marrow transplant.

With a reputable team of doctors and medical professionals working around the clock, Bansal Hospital Bhopal is committed to providing you with the best healthcare services in town so that residents of Bhopal seeking emergency care may avoid traveling to major cities.

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