Successful liver transplant by Bansal Hospital, Bhopal - Bansal Hospital Bhopal

Successful liver transplant by Bansal Hospital, Bhopal

Successful Liver Transplant By Bansal Hospital, Bhopal

Successful liver transplant by Bansal Hospital, Bhopal

Saving lives is the motto that Bansal Hospital lives and swears by. This time, Bansal Hospital has achieved one of its biggest accomplishments by saving the life of a child who was suffering from liver Cirrhosis. 


The doctors at Bansal Hospital, especially Dr. Gursagar Singh Sahota credibly and delicately performed the liver transplant for the child. The mother of the child gladly donated 55% of her liver to her son. 


Dr. Gursagar Singh Sahota is a renowned liver transplant surgeon who has numerous experience in liver transplant surgery and has prominent awards to his name. 


A liver transplant refers to the replacement of non-functioning liver with a healthy- liver from a deceased person or a portion of a liver from a living person. A liver transplant is needed in the case of severe dysfunctionality of the liver caused by cancer or liver cirrhosis. 


Bansal Hospital has been functioning proactively and effectually for a decade. It has been tremendously worked hard to save lives and provide people with a better quality of life


About Bansal Hospital

Bansal Hospital is a 300 bedded multi-specialty hospital that strives to provide patients with effective treatment of diagnosed problems. It is inclusive of 39 credible medical departments led by prominent doctors and supportive nurses.


With this, the hospital also provides regular health check-ups and necessary emergency services. From having room for numerous technological advances to securing and building safety nets for life, Bansal Hospital has come a very long way. 

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