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Top 7 tips to protect children from cold weather


Winter is currently being witnessed at its peak worldwide. Most places in India have freezing temperatures, and at such a time it is vital to protect your loved ones, especially your children from that harsh weather. Keeping your kids at home to keep them warm is not an option as infections and allergies will find a way to sneak into your house, so what can be the other ways to keep your children warm and safe from the cold weather? This little guide holds the answer to all your curious questions. 

Tips to protect children from cold weather

Staying Warm with winter dresses-

Although this step may seem basic to you, it is essential to keep warm in winter. Especially if you have a toddler, you need to be extra cautious as they are more prone to feeling cold. Dress them with extra layers of clothing, especially winter accessories such as boots, socks, head coverings, and gloves. Keep their exposure to the outside minimum as kids are more vulnerable to cold. 

Follow the steps to prevent cold or flu-

This is one of the most crucial steps. Preventing flu and cold to get to your kid by making sure they wash their hands regularly with soap and water. Check that their immunization records are up to date, meaning all their flu vaccinations are completed. Ask your kids to cover their mouths and if they sneeze or cough either use a handkerchief or cover their mouths with their elbows. 

Keeping your children hydrated during cold weather-

It is commonly known that kids or even adults don’t feel thirsty enough to drink water during winter or cold weather. It is essential to keep them hydrated for problems such as constipation and headache. Apart from this, taking healthy and warm turmeric milk or other fluids such as juices helps build immunity during winter. 

Using protective sunscreen- 

Sunscreen is not just for protecting you during summer, it is a necessary product for all weather, be it winter or cloudy weather. Using protective sunscreen is vital even for kids and babies so that their skin is protected from the harsh rays of the sun. 


Having proper healthy nutrition- 

Preparing healthy nutritional food for your kids during winter to boost their immunity is a must. This is because your child may not feel hungry as frequently in winter, so to keep that appetite functioning and stomach fulfilling, nutritional food is the key. 

Make your children exercise daily-

Making your children exercise daily will make them less prone to catching colds and related diseases. Exercising strengthens the body to keep you and your child fit and ready to fight recurring diseases. The most effective ways of exercising during cold weather are cycling, jogging, running, and rope jumping. 

Encouraging your kids to play inside the house- 

It’s winter and your children will be eager to play during the vacations. As exciting as it is, playing outside in the cold weather, could lead the cold to your children. It is, therefore, advised that you let your children play inside and away from the cold. 


Winter can lead to multiple winter diseases, especially in the cases of children but it can be prevented with the help of certain tips if followed. The above tips would help you and your child be prepared for winter. Bansal Hospital Bhopal has the best Pediatrics & Neonatology department that looks after babies with utmost care and provides proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases in children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my child gets frostbite? 

If your child gets frostbite, comfort and calm your child first. Move your child indoors to a warm area as soon as possible, if your child has frostbite on their feet, don’t let him walk. Put them on dry clothes and then call a doctor or a healthcare professional right away. 

What should you do if your child’s nosebleeds during winter? 

Have your child sit up, leaning forward to prevent them from swallowing blood. Apply pressure to his nose, then apply ice for 15 to 20 minutes on the nose. After this, gently pack your child’s nose in a cotton ball or dried cloth. 


How to prevent frostbite in children?

Dress your kid in fully covered clothes. The clothing should include boots, gloves, neck, and headcovers. With this, if your child gets wet, instantly change their clothing and take them indoors and give them something warm to drink such as soup or a warm drink. 

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