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What is the common cause of dry eyes, and how to treat them?

What Is The Common Cause Of Dry Eyes & How To Treat Them

Everyone has experienced extreme irritation level in the eye, or the eye feels too dry. Unfortunately, many disregard the problem by not acknowledging it and without taking any measures against it. However, dry eyes can be highly uncomfortable and cause significant irritability; although it is not a severe condition, it won’t take much to get checked by your healthcare provider. 

Dry eyes majorly occur because your eyes don’t produce enough tears, or if they do make them, they are not moist enough. The moisture in the eyes helps to keep away foreign particles or materials, keep the surface smooth, and helps protect against plausible infection.

Dry eyes may sometimes sting or burn. It can occur at certain times or be felt all the time. In this, both eyes are affected, and this happens majorly when computers or mobile phones are used for prolonged periods or when it is windy outside. 

What causes dry eyes? 

Dry eyes can be caused due to multiple factors, a few of which are listed below:

The eyes may not produce enough tears for reasons such as old age, menopause, vitamin A deficiency, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorder, lupus, damage to tear glands.

Another reason could be the tears of low quality. As incisions are made of oil, water, and mucus, an imbalance of these components can cause dry eyes. 

Certain medications can also cause dry eyes, such as high blood pressure, birth control pills, acne treatments, etc. Environmental factors can also impact, such as wind, dry air, exposure to smoke, driving, riding a bicycle, reading, or spending too much time on mobile devices and computers. 

Other factors that may cause dry eyes include menopause, Sjogren (an autoimmune disorder that makes white blood cells attack tear glands). 

Blepharitis (small oil glands in the inner eyelid get clogged. This condition has no cure, however applying a warm compress may help). 

Apart from this, allergies can lead to chronic dry eye in which the eye may appear red, itchy, and watery. Mild dehydration can also affect dry eyes. Lack of fluid intake darkens urine and causes dizziness and headaches but keeping yourself hydrated can help ease chronic dry eyes.

Contact lenses used for a prolonged period could cause dry eyes, as the lenses obstruct oxygen to the cornea. In such cases, you can switch to lenses made specifically for dry eyes. 

What are the treatment options available for dry eyes? 

The treatment for dry eyes majorly revolves around restoring the amount of tears in your eyes. The most common way to treat dry eyes is by using eye drops. These artificial tear solutions are affordable, easy to apply, and effective. Your doctor may also recommend you supplements of omega-3 fatty acids as they are known to decrease the symptoms of dry eyes. Other treatment options may include vitamin A supplements, hydration, and warm compress.

How to prevent dry eyes? 

You can’t always prevent dry eyes. However, you can try ways to reduce dry eyes caused by environmental factors. 

• Blinking while using computers or mobile and taking appropriate break time.
• Avoiding tobacco smoke
• Avoiding air blowing directly into your eyes by ACs or fans
• Wearing sunglasses
• Using a humidifier 

You can also use a warm compressor to treat your dry eyes. It helps to produce tears by bringing the moisture back into your eyes. It further unclogs and loosens oil-producing glands. If you have blood vessel abnormalities affecting dry eyes, using a warm compressor could lower pain and swelling and increase blood flow.

If dry eyes are not treated, it can lead to long-term problems such as infections, ulcers, scars on the cornea, and even vision loss. However, permanent vision loss due to dry eyes isn’t expected. 

Dry Eyes Vs Pink Eyes

Pink and dry eyes may appear similar as both are the common reasons for red eyes, but they have different causes and require additional treatment options. Dry occurs when the tear glands aren’t able to produce enough tears, or if they can, it certainly isn’t moist enough. However, the case of pink eyes is a bit different. In this, an infection or swelling in the conjunctiva is placed over the inner surface of the eyelid and covers the white part.

 Pink eyes are generally caused by viruses, allergens, or chemicals, whereas dry eyes feel grit because lack of moisture and lubrication. 


The primary cause today for dry eyes is the long spent on electronic devices such as laptops or mobile phones. Then, of course, there are other causes, although it is not a problematic condition, as one can quickly resolve it with a doctor’s consultation and eye drops. Bansal Hospital has the best ophthalmology department that provides apt diagnoses and treatment for mild to severe eye conditions. 

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